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Looking for a tech option to expand the learning opportunities in your classroom?

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Educational Technology. (2015). Uploaded by Herbert Hoover Middle School. Available online at:

     Maybe you want to find a video to illustrate a concept, an online lab that allows students to discover a concept that your school lab supplies just don't manage, a web-quest for students to learn content independently, enrichment/support material to assist the variety of needs our students require... the possibilities are endless.

     I curate online materials for my students using Symbaloo and share the information directly through our classroom website so they can find them at any time. Each Symbaloo is tailored directly for the grade/subject area and colour-coded by unit for easy navigation. 

     Finding resources is time-consuming, hopefully this can help other teacher's out!

- Science

- Science
- Math

- Math
- Science

- Essential Math

- Canadian History

     In progress:

- Social Studies

- Geography