Thursday, January 11, 2018

Encouraging Student Voice Through Social Media

     The following is an IGNITE-style presentation I created for my Internet for Teachers course.  We were tasked with selecting a topic of our choice related to education and technology that could be presented within the framework of an IGNITE presentation.

     If you are not familiar with what an IGNITE presentation is, speakers are essentially asked to discuss a topic within a 5 minute time frame using a series of visuals that automatically advance every 15 seconds.  The result is fast-paced presentation that "ignites" the audiences' thinking while requiring the speaker to think critically about their topic in order to effectively summarize their thoughts. You can read more about IGNITE presentations and see some examples HERE.

     The slides showcasing my visuals are embedded below. To see a transcript of my talk you can select "Open Speaker Notes" by clicking on the cog-wheel at the far-right.

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