Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Internet for Teachers - Ed Tech "Meme"

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Ed Tech Meme. (2017). Uploaded by Kirsten Thompson. Available online at: http://fishbowlteaching.blogspot.ca/2017/11/internet-for-teachers-ed-tech-meme.html

Source Picture:
Kirsten Thompson (Oct 12, 2017).

Source Quote:
Erben, T., Ban, R., & CastaƱeda, M. E. (2009). Teaching English language learners through technology. New York: Routledge

Quote Justification:
I chose this quote because I strongly believe that technology is capable of providing learning opportunities for students that were previously unavailable. Whether that is as simple as "hooking" a disengaged student, establishing cross-curricular applications, collaborating with others, or sharing original content.

Image Justification:
This is an original image taken from my Grade 7 Social Studies classroom.
Students were using our school iPads to compare map projections in order to analyze distortions in regards to size, shape, and distance using the MetroCosm interactive. This visual provided them with an effective analysis that was previously difficult to understand when comparing static projections on paper.

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