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Classroom Assessment Chapter 12


     To help us work towards our school goal of improving our understanding and practice of assessment, my principal has provided our staff with a copy of Classroom Assessment for Student Learning: Doing it Right - Using it Wellby Jan Chappuis, Rick Stiggins, Steve Chappuis, and Judith Arter. As I make my way through the book, I will be summarizing my learning as a means of organizing my thoughts and getting clarification on particular ideas.

Classroom Assessment for Student Learning Cover. (Accessed 2016). Uploaded to Amazon; Pearson Education. Available online at:

Chapter 12 - Conferences About & With Students

Kinds of Conferences
Chappius, et al. (2012). Figure 12.2 Kinds of ConferencesClassroom Assessment for Student Learning, pg 387.
Feedback Conferences

- make sure students know what learning targets will be discussed before the meeting
- you can ask students to reflect on strengths/weaknesses before the meeting
- Keys to Success
     - focus on the intended learning (identify strengths & help guide improvement)
     - offer feedback
     - only offer feedback if the student demonstrates at least partial understanding
      - do not do all the work for the student
     - limit corrective info to the amount a student can act on at one time

Goal-Setting Conferences

- can refer to one piece of work or a collection of evidence
- not necessary for every student
- Keys to Success
     - clarify the learning target
     - clarify the students' current status
     - state the target as a goal
     - make a plan
           - what action will they take
           - what assistance do they need? from who?
           - what is the time frame?
           - collect before and after examples
           - ensure student ownership; don't set the goals for them

Progress Conferences

- typical parent-teacher night conferences
- can focus on growth over time or on a student's current achievement status
* personal preference is for student AND parent/guardian present 
- meeting agenda
     - explain learning targets
     - identify strengths, help guide improvement
     - provide evidence/exemplars of student work
     - end positive
* provide conference evaluation forms, follow-up as needed


How often do you hold formal conferences with parents?

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