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Classroom Assessment Chapter 11

     To help us work towards our school goal of improving our understanding and practice of assessment, my principal has provided our staff with a copy of Classroom Assessment for Student Learning: Doing it Right - Using it Wellby Jan Chappuis, Rick Stiggins, Steve Chappuis, and Judith Arter. As I make my way through the book, I will be summarizing my learning as a means of organizing my thoughts and getting clarification on particular ideas.

Classroom Assessment for Student Learning Cover. (Accessed 2016). Uploaded to Amazon; Pearson Education. Available online at:

Chapter 11 - Portfolio Assessment

* a collection of artefacts put together to tell a story

Types of Portfolios
Chappius, et al. (2012). Figure 11.3 Kinds of PortfoliosClassroom Assessment for Student Learning, pg 368.

How to Select Artefacts
Chappius, et al. (2012). Figure 11.4 Who Decides? Classroom Assessment for Student Learning, pg 371.
Keys for Successful Use

1 ) Ensure Accuracy of Evidence
- "each entry is only as good as the assignment given"
- verify with the student that the artefact is showing what you both want it to show

2 ) Keep Track of the Evidence
- find a system that fits your personal organization style
     a ) how will you store the artefacts?
          - digitally (photos of projects, computer files) or hard copies
     b ) how will you organize it?
          - hanging files, binders, notebooks
     c ) how will portfolios be stored?
          - flash drives, filing cabinets, shelving
     d ) schedule updating time
          - don't leave it for a rush before parent-teacher time

3 ) Invest the Time Up Front
- teach students about portfolios 
     - why we do it
     - how do you set one up
- model how to complete meaningful reflections
- do first submissions together so you can pass off responsibility later

4 ) Make the Experience Safe
- students can feel stressed by publicly sharing


I don't use formal portfolios in our classroom; the closest thing would be collecting samples of work to showcase to parents right before parent teacher meetings (would be classified as a "celebration" portfolio).

Do you use portfolios?
If so, what kind?

Please leave your thoughts below :)

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