Sunday, January 31, 2016

Grade Wars

     When I took on my teaching position I inadvertently took on the responsibility of planning our school's largest spirit-activity: Grade Wars. Started in our school by my predecessor, Grade Wars is a week-long school/community-spirit activity between our high school classes that sees them competing in various events that are based on everything from athletics and academics to social-justice and just plain craziness.

     I say that I inadvertently took on the responsibility....  While it is encouraged, Grade Wars isn't something that was deemed mandatory by my admin team so I actually didn't take it on during my first year of teaching because I was overwhelmed with my regular responsibilities already (even though this is something that is totally up my alley and I was really excited about). As such, no one picked it up and we had a lot of disappointed students! :(

     Naturally, in my second year I was feeling a lot more prepared and knew about the event from the start of year so I had no issues with taking it on. I loved it so much that I agreed to plan and hold the event this year as well even though I am home on mat leave!

     This event is something that brings all of our students and staff together and leaves them talking about it up until the next event in the following year! I've uploaded our planning document to my TpT Store for FREE so head over their to download it, modify it to meet your school's needs, and plan your own event!

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     You can head over to the Teaching in a Fishbowl TpT Store to 
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