Monday, November 23, 2015

Resources To Start Off Your Week 87

     At the start of each week I post a list of Resources to Start Off Your Week with at least two new additions that I will add to my favourite websites page (when applicable, resources will also be added in to my Manitoba resources page). This week is a very busy one for MB teachers as a large majority are sending home report cards and holding parent-teacher conferences. As such, I am only going to share a few resources today:

1 ) Social Network Checklists
- These checklists include everything you need to know about setting up an account, managing privacy, blocking/deleting people/information, how to report unwanted interactions, and more!
- Checklists can be printed out and hung as posters or handed out to students. If you are within their shipping range, you can also order hard-copies for FREE!
- Includes lists for Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook,, and Instagram

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Twitter Checklist. (2013). Uploaded by UK Safer Internet Center. Available online at:

2 ) Piktochart
- Allows users to easily create eye-catching infographics for free!
- Users can select standard infographics, presentations, posters, or reports, select blank or pre-made templates, and customize with fonts, clipart, and much more!
- Does require you to create an account in order to save progress, but signing up is quick and easy.
* Want help getting started? Here is a list of 7 Video Tutorials to help you get the most out of this tool.

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Have a good week everyone!

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