Monday, November 02, 2015

Resources To Start Off Your Week 84 - Music Options!

     At the start of each week I post a list of Resources to Start Off Your Week with at least two new additions that I will add to my favourite websites page (when applicable, resources will also be added in to my Manitoba resources page).

1 ) Ancient History Paradies by Mr. Nicky
- A collection of 5 music videos that use popular (Top 40) music paradies to help students learn and remember information about ancient history
- Topics include Greece, Rome, China, Egypt, and Mesopotamia
- Perfect for the Manitoba Grade 8 Social Studies curriculum!
*Similar idea to the Mr. Parr music videos for science 

2 ) Jukedeck
- Royalty-free music tracks that can be downloaded and used for classroom presentations without having to worry about copyright infringement
- Users can select what genre of music they need and the length of track they require and a personalized track is created for them!
- Perfect tool to teach students how to create multi-media presentations without illegally downloading/using copyrighted music
*Users do need to request an early access use while it is in beta but I received my access on the same day

Enjoy Your Week!

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