Monday, October 19, 2015

Resources to Start Off Your Week 82

     At the start of each week I post a list of Resources to Start Off Your Week with at least two new additions that I will add to my favourite websites page (when applicable, resources will also be added in to my Manitoba resources page).

1 ) Top 10 TED Talks on Digital Lives for Teachers
- There are so many different aspects to consider when it comes to teachers and online use, especially social media. This video list covers everything from online filters and Twitter use to gender differences and cognitive surplus.
- These videos are an awesome way to begin discussions about the digital world and encourage reflection about your own online use.
- List compiled by Med at Educational Technology & Mobile Learning

2 ) Five Facts vs. Myths About Copyright Infringement 
- Clear and engaging infographic listing and explaining five common myths related to online copyright infringement.
- This would be a great poster for the classroom or computer lab!

3 ) Whats My Score: Money 101 Crash Course
- FREE PowerPoint, student workbook, and teacher's guide for a course to prepare students to work with money.
- Includes topics such as balancing a cheque book, creating a budget, using credit, etc
- This link takes you to their free materials page, scroll down approximately 50% of the page to find this resource (in red)

Enjoy your week!

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