Monday, October 26, 2015

Resources To Start Off Your Week 83

     Another weekend has passed and another week has begun! This past Friday saw our province's teachers participating in multiple professional development sessions through #MTSPDDAY. As such, Twitter was a buzz with all sorts of new resources and ideas! At the start of each week I post a list of Resources to Start Off Your Week with at least two new additions that I will add to my favourite websites page (when applicable, resources will also be added in to my Manitoba resources page).

1 ) Stoodle
- Virtual corkboard tool (similar idea to Padlet/Wallwisher)
- Allows the creator to share their board through a link and users can add text and images to create a collaborative piece of work
- Great for brainstorming or exit ticket activities!

stoodle, virtual corkboard, collaborative board tool

2 ) Top Educational YouTube Videos
- A list of 197 YouTube videos that can be used in the classroom.
- Organized by subject area and includes general education, math, science, english, engineering, and much more!
- Make sure you scroll down to read the comments as well because more suggestions are included there from other readers.

educational youtube channels, best youtube channels for teachers, youtube for the classroom, youtube videos for teachers, educational youtube videos

3 ) Healthline Body Maps
- Illustrates different parts of the body with 3D interactive simulations.
- Includes zoom features to see parts of the body in more detail, male and female representations, written summaries, and real-life and simulated videos.
- Can easily be shown on an interactive whiteboard for easy visualizations 
- Perfect for any unit on the human body (K-12) and can easily be adapted to create higher-level labs for biology classes

Enjoy your week!

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