Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Resources To Start Off Your Week 81

     Today I am bringing back one of my favourite types of posts... one that I haven't participated in since this time TWO years ago; Resources To Start Off Your Week! Who doesn't love expanding their list of educational resources?? I know that as soon as I see a list of resources online my mind immediately starts turning on how I can incorporate and use these new and exciting ideas! At the start of each week I will post a list of Resources to Start Off Your Week with at least two new additions that I will add to my favourite websites page (when applicable, resources will also be added in to my Manitoba resources page).

     Before we begin, yes, I realize that it is Tuesday already but with Monday being the Thanksgiving holiday I am going to count Tuesday as the beginning of the week this time. So, without further ado, here is the 81st addition of Resources To Start Off Your Week!

1 ) Histography
- An amazingly comprehensive timeline tool that chronologically arranges historical Wikipedia articles for easy viewing and comparison. 
- The timeline is represented by a series of dots, where each dot leads to a pop-up box that allows the user to access the applicable Wikipedia article about the event, a video, and related events.
- Users can simplify the timeline by categories such as Literature, Politics, Wars, Women Rights, Inventions, etc.

2 ) List of Interactive Periodic Table of Elements
- Shannon, from Technology Rocks. Seriously, has curated an awesome list of different interactive Periodic Tables.
- Right now, her list includes 25 different periodic tables which leaves you with plenty of options to engage any of your students and build fun, interactive options.
- These resources include videos, games, comics, and much more!

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Make sure to check out more of Shannon's posts as she offers a lot of insight into some pretty neat ed tech tools!

3 ) Digital Passport
- A fun, engaging program designed to educate students on Digital Literacy & Citizenship
- Appropriate for approximately Grades 3-5
- Students learn about creating secure passwords, safe texting habits, creating an online identity, copyright regulations, and more!
- Students can work through mission modules and games and a detailed report can be made available for educators who register (for FREE!)
- Available as a website or app.
- https://www.digitalpassport.org/educator-registration

Enjoy your week!

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