Thursday, October 01, 2015

Our Curriculum Situation in 150 Words

     On Saturday I shared my Curriculum Situation that I created for my Introduction to Curriculum class that I am currently enrolled in. While the entry that I created was specific for me, the assignment itself was collaborative and we were tasked with merging our situation with those of two other students in order to create one complete Curriculum Situation that we felt accurately represented us as a group.

     To complete this task we each created our own situations, like the one I shared, and then went through to determine where our similarities and differences laid. Once that was organized, we complied our ideas together to create one Curriculum Situation that most closely represented us as a group. Luckily for us we are all from relatively similar communities and teach relatively similar ages/subjects (for the most part).

 With that being said, our Curriculum Situation is as follows:

Our curriculum situation is working in small, rural communities in the Parkland region of Manitoba; teaching middle and high school courses. These communities are influenced by their cultural make-up, which includes both Aboriginal and European heritages. Our students come from socio-economic situations that range from poverty to upper-middle class. On average there are 25 or fewer students in our classrooms. Our students have a variety of learning needs and function at a variety of grade levels. There are students who have Individualized Education Plans, who require significant adaptations, and those we provide complete curriculum via distance courses to. We provide both experiential and inquiry-based learning opportunities that see "teacher as mentor". We strongly believe in the incorporation of technology, to expand learning beyond the classroom walls, open up opportunities that aren't possible with traditional tools, and allow students to curate and create.

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