Thursday, September 24, 2015

Student Council Is On "Insta" and Other Successes

     I am still co-supervising our school's student council with one of my colleagues and, while it is hard not being at the school for all of the day-to-day interactions and activities, I am able to make it to our weekly meetings at noon hour and some of our larger school events.

     I couldn't be more proud of our student council this year. We have an amazing group of students who take charge and work well together. Despite being in school for only 11 days they have already:

- cleaned out and organized the student council room (a big feat)
- set up two interactive bulletin boards showcasing upcoming events and school spirit
- held a back-to-school assembly and BBQ
- presented at our parent-council committee meeting
- set-up intramurals during noon-hour
- held a full-class dodge-ball tournament
- presented at our Meet The Teacher night
- completed class representative elections
- and set up their own instagram account!

     I am loving the instagram account since we are a school that doesn't necessarily have a strong online presence to connect with our students. If you want to keep up-to-date with all of the neat things our group is doing, follow them at sr_student_council!

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