Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Welcome to my New Adventure!

Hello! Is anyone here to read this yet?! 

     After being a regular blogger at Miss L's Whole Brain Teaching since 2012, I have been struggling with the fact that I have not shared anything since the very beginning of this year. Yes, you read that right, a 6+ month hiatus after being a 15+ post a month kind of gal. If you had an opportunity to read my "Moving On" post at the old local, however, I did mention that I had a good reason for my hiatus.

*Que announcement music*
"Baby T" is currently 35 weeks along!
     Now I realize that the fact that I am expecting did not hinder my ability to blog (I've actually been incredibly spoiled and have had an amazingly-easy pregnancy thus far, *knock on wood*), but it did make me re-evaluate my priorities these past few months. Instead of blogging I have been throwing all of my thoughts and efforts into:

- Finishing up two master's classes
- Preparing for a master's class scheduled to begin the week baby is due
  (awesome timing, I know)
- Organizing my classroom for a year away
  (I had to leave my room a blank slate for my replacement)
- Preparing records and programs for students while I am away
- Dealing with consistent anxiety about leaving my students/school for a year
- Stereotypical "nesting" activities around the house
- etc, etc, etc...

     After some time away from work (and the purchase of a new laptop!!), however, I decided to jump back on the wagon and start sharing again. While I am on maternity leave I will still be taking classes towards my master's and when I return in the fall of 2016 I will have a new teaching schedule (which is pretty much my dream schedule) so it is my hopes that maintaining a blog will allow me to have a place where I can wipe away the baby-brain (maybe) and focus on preparing for these tasks.

     If you are interested in why I decided to switch over to a new location or how I chose my blog name, you will have to tune in tomorrow and check out that post! 

     In the meantime, thanks for visiting and reading, please make sure you follow by clicking one of the options along the right-hand side so you don't miss any of my new posts!


  1. Kirsten, did you think I would not be one of your first "old" followers!?!? Congratulations on your pregnancy!!! All my best to you!! I hope you will stay in touch between all your Life events!! Can't wait to read the new posts!! Nancy

    1. Thank you Nancy!! It has been so long since we chatted and I am thrilled that you are still here reading my posts :) Thank you so much for all your love and support!

  2. Hey Kirsten, I am so looking forward to your new blog - Congrats on this new start - and the soon to be addition to your family. I love the banner for this blog, it is so you, and a great title too. I do have one request - make sure you go the thesis route in your M.Ed. - and make sure you ask me to be your advisor!

    1. Thank you Mr. Nantais, I'm glad the new look/location is being received well! I had actually been thinking about going the project route.... simply because I am terrified of writing a thesis. I don't think I would do a PhD later on, do I need to do a thesis? I don't know if my writing is strong enough to successfully write a thesis.