Thursday, July 30, 2015

Why a Fishbowl?

     In the fall of 2011 I began my teaching journey when I started my Bachelor of Education (After Degree) at a small rural university in Manitoba, Canada. While social studies was my primary teachable (and still my subject-area of choice) I immediately became fascinated with technology and the implications it could have on education.

     As part of my new years resolution for 2012 I began blogging at Miss L's Whole Brain Teaching as a means of exploring different educational tech tools, growing my own PLN, and learning more about specific teaching methods. I never imagined what a positive experience I would have as a result of this first blog. I was able to:

- reflect on my learning through my courses and PD sessions
- grow my PLN and connect with amazing educators from around the world
- build a running record of my experiences
- learn about different teaching methods/practices
  (both from a theoretical and personal standpoint)
- share my experiences & thoughts with a global network
- find opportunities off-line to connect with other educators and present at
  a variety of different venues
- and so much more!
teaching in a fishbowl
My very first blog post ever!

     Fast forward almost 4 years (and 470+ blog posts) and I have graduated and been employed at "S-School" since the fall of 2013. I have continued to immerse myself in the world of ed tech and, in addition to utilizing tech regularly in my teaching methods, I have introduced my students to the world of blogging, started a Tech Club at our school, and began pursuing a Master's Degree with a hopes of focusing on the purposeful implementation of technology to expand curricular objectives.

     While my original blog served as a perfect starter platform for this journey, I felt it was time to move over to a more long-term location that reflected my future as an educator. I wanted something that was more professional looking/feeling and something that could grow with me for many years to come. I plan to keep my original blog published but have also imported in all of my original posts to this new location as well; although new content will only appear here.

So Why a Fishbowl?

     Teaching, in general, is a practice that I believe needs to be transparent and educators should be sharing information beyond the classroom walls with other students, parents, families, collegues, etc. When a teacher chooses to share information online, their audience is expanded exponentially and it is as if they are in a fishbowl where the whole world can look in on them. Since I know that I want to continue to explore the role of technology in education I feel that "Teaching in a Fishbowl" was a title that would match my educational experience for the foreseeable future. I've actually written an article about this topic under the same title, check it out at: Teaching in a Fishbowl - What Can Happen When Teachers Are Online.


If you are a blogger, how did you come up with the title for your blog?
I want to hear your background story; please comment below!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Welcome to my New Adventure!

Hello! Is anyone here to read this yet?! 

     After being a regular blogger at Miss L's Whole Brain Teaching since 2012, I have been struggling with the fact that I have not shared anything since the very beginning of this year. Yes, you read that right, a 6+ month hiatus after being a 15+ post a month kind of gal. If you had an opportunity to read my "Moving On" post at the old local, however, I did mention that I had a good reason for my hiatus.

*Que announcement music*
"Baby T" is currently 35 weeks along!
     Now I realize that the fact that I am expecting did not hinder my ability to blog (I've actually been incredibly spoiled and have had an amazingly-easy pregnancy thus far, *knock on wood*), but it did make me re-evaluate my priorities these past few months. Instead of blogging I have been throwing all of my thoughts and efforts into:

- Finishing up two master's classes
- Preparing for a master's class scheduled to begin the week baby is due
  (awesome timing, I know)
- Organizing my classroom for a year away
  (I had to leave my room a blank slate for my replacement)
- Preparing records and programs for students while I am away
- Dealing with consistent anxiety about leaving my students/school for a year
- Stereotypical "nesting" activities around the house
- etc, etc, etc...

     After some time away from work (and the purchase of a new laptop!!), however, I decided to jump back on the wagon and start sharing again. While I am on maternity leave I will still be taking classes towards my master's and when I return in the fall of 2016 I will have a new teaching schedule (which is pretty much my dream schedule) so it is my hopes that maintaining a blog will allow me to have a place where I can wipe away the baby-brain (maybe) and focus on preparing for these tasks.

     If you are interested in why I decided to switch over to a new location or how I chose my blog name, you will have to tune in tomorrow and check out that post! 

     In the meantime, thanks for visiting and reading, please make sure you follow by clicking one of the options along the right-hand side so you don't miss any of my new posts!