Saturday, November 02, 2013

Using Siri in Math Class

Today I was playing around with the Siri application on my iPhone and I discovered that it can solve math problems! Not only does it solve the math problem, but it also visually represents the answer in different ways!
I have a few students who have difficulty with realizing that numbers can be shown different ways. For example, the fraction 4/5 can also be written as:
- 0.8 (decimal)
- 80% (percent)
- 8/10 (equivalent fraction)
It could also be represented using a:
- number line
- 100-grid paper
- pie chart
- cubes or other manipulatives
After experimenting with Siri for a bit, I am pretty excited to show this to my students!
Here are some screenshots of results I got that would align with our current Grade 8 unit on percentages.
Different ways to represent 13/18
What are different ways to show 73%

What is 9% of 60?


  1. This is so cool! I didn't know Siri could be this useful!

    1. Thanks for commenting Jo, I'm glad you found it as awesome as I did! I can't believe that I just found it but I am excited to share it with my students

  2. Wow - go Siri!! How did you ask Siri? I have tried and it isn't working for me. Thanks heaps. Belinda

    1. Sorry it has taken so long to answer Belinda! The questions I asked were:
      "13 over 18"
      "73%" and
      "What is 9% of 60"

      Hope this helps!