Monday, November 18, 2013

Report Cards For Teachers?

     When I was student teaching, I had my students complete assessments of me as a teacher. This was not something I was required to do but it was a big learning opportunity for me so I continued doing it throughout my last year of my Education Degree. I actually got the idea from Larry Ferlazzo's blog (here is his most-recent example).

     When student teaching, my evaluation questions were centered around the statements/categories that were included in my evaluation checklists from my university. Now that I am out of school and have my own classroom I am not sure if I want these questions to remain the same, or if I want to change them....

     Here are some questions that I am thinking of asking:

- If you could describe Mrs. T's to someone taking a class with her next semester, what would you say?

- Are Mrs. T's classroom expectations fair? Why or why not?

- My favourite thing / least-favourite thing about Mrs. T's class is:

- One thing Mrs. T needs to improve on is:

- Would you take another class with Mrs. T?

     I'm thinking of meshing some new questions with my pre-existing questions so please leave question suggestions in the comments!

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