Saturday, September 21, 2013

ManACE Board Meeting

     This Friday I attended my very first meeting as a ManACE board meeting. I was very excited as I hadn't had an opportunity to meet a lot of our board members yet and I was looking forward to connecting with more educators who were interested in the same things as me. The meeting took place at St. John's Ravencourt (SJR) in Winnipeg & I really enjoyed touring the beautiful campus and seeing some of the differences between the public and private education systems in Manitoba. This was my first experience with Manitoba's private education system and it was definitely very different compared to what I am used to in the public sector. Here's a quick pic of me enjoying SJR's outside classroom!

St. John's Ravencourt outside classroom

     As it was my first ManACE meeting, I spent a lot of time listening and learning about all of the different endeavors that we are involved in. Here are some things that you can watch out for:

1 ) New & Improved Web Presence
- One of our goals this year is to update and streamline our online
  presence. Stay tuned for a new & improved website with all of our
  updated links to our other areas of online interaction.
- In the mean time, make sure you follow us on Twitter and check out
  our brand new Instagram Account!

2 ) Amazing PD Opportunities for SAGE
- ManACE has helped organize THIRTEEN different PD opportunities
  for the Manitoba-wide SAGE Conference on October 25th. There are
  still spots available in all of the amazing sessions so head on over to
  our Eventbrite Page to check them out. Topics include everything from
  blended learning environments and digital photography to video games
  in education and Google docs.
- Worried about travel? We thought of that! ManACE's SAGE options take
  place in Carman and Swan River, as well as in Winnipeg.

3 ) Continued Seed Grants
- ManACE continues to be committed to supporting teachers that promote
  ICT Literacy in Manitoba schools. As such, we will continue to provide
  our Seed Grants to qualifying educators/projects.
- Check out last year's Seed Grant page to learn more about this awesome
  opportunity and stay tuned for information for the 2013-2014 year!

4 ) Even More TIN (Technology Information Night) Events
- Our informal TIN presentations focus on techniques and tips for integrating
  technology into curriculum. Usually lasting approximately 3 hours in length,
  these presentations include supper and a chance to connect with educators
  who are putting technology practices in place in their classrooms.
- This year, we hope to hold events in Winnipeg, Brandon, & Neepawa!
  Stay tuned for more information about a TIN near you :)

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