Saturday, August 10, 2013

Proud Canadian Blog Award

     I am thrilled to announce that I've been awarded a new blog award! Not only is it awesome to be recognized by other bloggers but this award is Canadian-based as well! Almost 80% of the education blogs I follow are American and I always have a hard time finding other Canadian bloggers, so it is really cool to be linked up with some other Canadians :)

     I want to send out a BIG thank you to the lovely Patti from Madly Learning for awarding me with the new Proud Canadian Blog Award and working towards getting other Canadian blogs connected! Thanks to Patti's blog, I've been able to find a lot of other local bloggers who have been more than willing to share their experiences with me.
Here are the rules:
1 ) Link up on Patti's blog as a Canadian Teacher Blogger
2 ) Post the award banner on your blog to let other bloggers know you've 
     won this award
3 ) Pick 2 free Canadian Education resources that you can share with others
     and post them or link to them.
4 ) Pick 4 new Canadian Teacher Bloggers to follow (there is a big list on
     Patti's blog)
5 ) Pass this award on to 5 Canadian Teacher Bloggers, explain why you
     nominated them, and share the link to Patti's post

I've actually been linked up with Patti as a Canadian Teacher Blogger for a while now and am proud to be #15 on the list! :)

Done and done! I am proudly displaying the banner on the right hand side of my blog.

1 ) Path of the Elders
- An amazing website about First Nations culture and heritage as 
  described by the Mushkegowuk Cree and Anishinaabe Ojibway Elders.
- Teachers can access primary source videos, letters, photos, audio clips, as well
  as detailed lesson plans and games.
- Very user friendly and great for students!!
- Bonus points for being so close to home (Ontario-based)

2 ) Sir John A Day
- A website celebrating the first Prime Minister of Canada, Sir John A MacDonald.
- Teachers can access historical timelines, video lectures and teacher/student
  resource packages.
- Great website to use with your students on the SMART Board and has a lot of
  in class activity ideas too.

I went through the list Patti has compiled and am now following:
1 ) Marianne at Inspire Math
- I am teaching Grade 8, 9 & 10 Math this year so I hope to learn a few tips!
- I have everything from Grade 7 to Grade 10 so I could probably benefit from
  her experience :)
- From Prince Edward Island
- This blog shares a lot of assignment options and I could always use ideas!
- From Ontario
4 ) RM MC at ARTventurous
- I am teaching Grade 8 Art this year and love seeing what other classes are
- From British Columbia

Here are five of my favourite Canadian Teacher blogs (in no particular order)
1 ) Reading with Mrs. D
- Nova Scotia (soon to be Saskatchewan) blogger
2 ) My Whole Brain Teaching Blog
- British Columbia blogger
3 ) Apples, Owls, and Peppermint Mochas
- Manitoba blogger
4 ) Prairie Inspiration
- Manitoba blogger
5 ) The Spicy Learning Blog
- Ontario blogger


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    1. Thank you, I am very excited to have found your blog and am looking forward to exploring through your posts :)