Monday, July 29, 2013

Resources To Start Off Your Week 72

     It is really scary to think that this is my last Resources To Start Off Your Week post of July! That means that there is literally one month before I am in my very first classroom full-time! Now don't get me wrong... I am beyond excited and cannot wait for that to happen, but that also means that I need to really make sure that I am focusing on my planning in order for everything to fall into place in time.

     I know that I am definitely preaching to the choir as many of my American followers are already in their classrooms and I so appreciate all the information they have been sharing through their blogs! It is very helpful to read what other teachers are doing and see what might fit with my classroom too. It is my hope that some of my posts can be just as helpful. With that being said, I will be adding these new additions to my lists of resources under the Fav Websites heading.

1 ) 101 Questions
- Organized and curated by Dan Meyer, this website features
  short film clips and images that are designed to perplex and stump our
  students. This website is awesome for getting students to ask
  appropriate questions and learn to question the world around them.
- Users can answer the question on the website and submit it to see
  what other users have answered. It is really neat to see the different
  perspectives and could make for interesting discussion about why
  people answered in the way that they did.
- I think this website would be really neat to utilize as a morning routine
  and feature a different question each morning. It would also be neat to
  pick very specific questions to fit in with certain lessons as a unit progresses.
101 questions, dan meyers, 101 questions to stump students

2 ) Interactive Bloom's Taxonomy Wheel
- Bloom's Taxonomy, most often represented as a wheel, is an
  important aspect of a teacher's planning to ensure students not only
  understand information but can also utilize it effectively in various
- This interactive wheel would be perfect for new teachers who are
  becoming familiar with Bloom's Taxonomy or simply a good review
  for teachers at any level. It allows the user to explore each of the  6
  levels on the taxonomy, understand what each of them means, and get
  ideas of what activities fit in with each level.
- There are even specific links for teachers to explore various ed tech
  tools that meet each level!

blooms taxonomy, activities for each level of blooms taxonomy, interactive blooms taxonomy, teaching about blooms taxonomy

3 ) Copyright in a Copy-Paste World
- This is one of the BEST copyright and plagiarism information
  websites for students that I have found so far. Through the use
  of articles, interactives, images, and film clips this website covers
  the following questions: Is It Really Stealing? Why Should I Care?
  What Does It Look Like? What Tools Can I Use? How Can I Use
  My Own Brain?
- There are specific tabs for students and teachers and allows students
  to actually self-check their own work to ensure that they aren't
  plagiarizing in their work; awesome!
- This is a website that I will definitely be sharing in my classroom and
  with my colleagues!

copyright tools for students, copyright tools for teachers, copyright and plagiarism, copyright in a copy-paste world

Happy Monday everyone!

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