Thursday, July 18, 2013

Classroom Library (Almost) Open for Business!

     An important job for any teacher is not only developing literacy skills but also attempting to build a love of reading within their students. One tool to help achieve this monstrous task is through your classroom library. While all school's have (or should have) a central library, a classroom library provides easy access for your students and is often utilized on a daily basis.

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     I absolutely LOVE reading (for pleasure and for work) and often complete 10-12 novels for pleasure each year. As such, I want to try to instill this love of reading within my students and I hope that I can be a good model for them. One thing I have noticed, however, is that classroom libraries start to disappear around Grade 5 and are pretty much non-existent by the time you get into specialized High School classrooms (unless you are the English teacher).

     I am finding that I am fitting in with that "specialized High School" area as my entire schedule is composed of Science & Math classes, with the exception of one slot of Art. While I won't specifically have built-in "reading time" into any of my class schedules, it is important to me that I have a classroom library available for my students. I am hoping that my classroom library:
- Models my love of reading
- Shows that reading isn't limited to English class or "reading time"
- Allows me to have books available to read when student's finish early
  or need a break
- Provides resource material for projects

     I must admit that my classroom library is very limited at the moment (40 books or less) but it is my hopes to build upon it each year. I've seen various library management set-ups from different teachers that have included everything from free-for-all systems and written check-outs to specialized QR codes and synching resources with the school library. One organizational resource that was shared with me, by Mrs. M at Educacion es mi vida!! Education is m life!!, is Booksource: Classroom Organizer.

classroom library, building your classroom library, classroom library tools

     This online book catalogue allows teachers to build their own online libraries where students can check-out and return books on their own. I love the organizational aspect of this and hope that it can assist in keeping my classroom library full and prevent book loss. Simple cataloging options are just the start, however, as teachers can actually track what books students are taking out, ask for book reviews, and print off reports. While I won't have need for these services, I can see how they would be really helpful for other teachers in my school.


     I already have a student computer station set-up in my classroom for our blogging project so I will definitely be creating a bookmark on it to my classroom library page (once I finish it) for student access. A BIG thanks again to Mrs. M for sharing this resource with me :)

     What do you use to organize your classroom library?


  1. Good poster! Good idea. A library in a Science classroom. With more than just science books. AWEsome.

    1. Thank you! I've loved that poster for a while, I've featured it in a few of my posters actually :)

  2. Thanks for the heads up. I often have issues with the captcha images too but haven't really looked into alternatives yet. I will explore the link your included.

  3. I wish my library was as extensive and organized as yours! Your system seems to make a lot of sense and I especially like the idea of having books around the room to avoid congestion and wasted time.