Monday, May 27, 2013

Resources To Start Off Your Week 65: Video Edition

     As I prepare for my first year in the classroom I have been thinking seriously about my personal philosophy of education and what my role is as a teacher. As part of this, I have been conferencing with my school principal and colleagues at "S-School", reflecting on my development since I entered the Faculty of Education, exploring various edu-blogs, and reading through education news articles from around the world.

     This week, instead of posting my regular annotated selection of classroom resources, I want to share some of my favourite online videos that get me thinking about education and the role of classroom teachers. Rather than provide my thoughts on each one, I'd like to leave you with just the videos themselves. Please leave your response(s) to the videos in the comments below and I'll reply with my thoughts! Here are some of my favourite videos that are related to education and the role of classroom teachers (in no particular order):
Lamont Carey (I Can't Read) HBO Def Jam Poetry. (2007). Uploaded by Andre Paulson. 
RSA Animate - Changing Education Paradigms. (2010). Uploaded by The RSA. 

What Teachers Make Final Moviebk2 001. (2009). Uploaded by Kelly Gleason. 

I Will Not Let An Exam Result Decide My Fate||Spoken Word. (2013). Uploaded by sulibreezy. 

     What are your thoughts on these videos?
What videos have you found that make you think about the education system and/or your role as an educator?

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