Tuesday, January 22, 2013


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     It took some peer pressure but I have decided to take the plunge and participate in #ETMOOC, a massive open online course on Educational Technology & Media. Here is the description provided on the course webpage,

     #etmooc is a 'Connectivist' MOOC ('cMOOC) this is designed around a
     few key principles:
     - The course is developed with a weak 'centre'. While etmooc-org will provide
     a level of aggregation, detail, and dirction, the majority of interactions are likely
     to occur within groups & networks, facilitated through various online spaces &
     - Participants are strongly encouraged to develop their own reflective, learning
     spaces. We're hoping that every learner in #etmooc creates and maintains their
     own blog for continuous reflection, creativity, and resource sharing.
     - Sharing and networking participation are essential for the success of all learners
     in #etmooc. Thus, we'll be needing you to share your knowledge, to support and
     encourage others, and to participate in meaningful conversations.

     When participating in #ETMOOC activities I will tag my posts "#ETMOOC" as well as include the screenshot above to make the posts more visible to readers who may be visiting from the #ETMOOC community.

     Our first project is to share an intro of ourselves, so here it goes! I've created a SlideShare presentation based off of ones I learned how to create during a recent PD session with Darren Kuropatwa & Andy McKiel.

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  1. Hi, just go on blogging and read blogs of other #etmooc-ers. comment on their blogs. Share your ideas about the thinking of other people in your blog and twitter your blog title.
    I like the way you use video to introduce yourself. Are you going to use video in your lessons? What technology do you use in whole brain education?