Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Student Teaching: My Classrooms

     As of Monday my fiance and I are both back student teaching at "S-School" full time for the next five weeks. Although I haven't officially begun teaching yet as my cooperating teachers are finishing up their units  and having their final tests before I take over using my lesson plans and resources. If you remember, my schedule looks like this:

     Here is what my classrooms look like! (In order of how they appear on my schedule).

my classroom
 Grade 11/12 World Issues: I will be starting my unit on Indigenous Peoples on Monday.

Grade 9/10 ICT: I will be starting my unit on Publisher on Monday.

Grade 11 Canadian History: I will be starting my unit on British Colonial Rule tomorrow!
(Didn't have the iPhone for this pic obviously! No panorama view)

Grade 4 Social Studies: I will be starting my unit on Nunavut on Monday.

     Tomorrow I will be sharing my course outline (really a unit outline, since I am only here for 5 weeks) and some lesson plans! If you are wondering, the panorama photos are taken on my fiance's iPhone using the parnorama option available with the new iPhone update. Pretty cool, eh!

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