Monday, October 29, 2012

Resources to Start Off Your Week 41

     This week I am featuring two great resources that I am using in the classroom during student teaching, plus one neat one that I found online and wanted to share! Not only have I used these resources myself, but I have been recommending them to other teachers as well so I hope you like them too :)

     As always, I will be adding these to my lists of resources under the Fav Websites heading.

1 ) Canada 1812 - Forged in Fire
- This website features film clips, informational articles, images, and an
   incredibly detailed (over 100 pages) graphic novel all about the War
   of 1812 and the inspiring people who took part in it.
- This website really pays attention to detail and I used to multiple times
   when I covered the War of 1812 with my Grade 11 students. We
   even used the graphic novel as inspiration to create our own to use to
   teach the younger grades about what we learned!

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2 ) Raven Tales Episode Guide & DVDS
- Raven Tales is an award winning television program that centers on the Raven,
  who is seen as a mischievousness trouble-maker in First Nations folklore. The
  episodes themselves depict stories from various First Nations cultures across North
  America. While this website is only an episode guide, many of the full episodes are
  now available on YouTube to watch at your convenience.
- These funny videos could be the perfect addition to your class if you are teaching
  about First Nations people including customs, world view, spirituality, day-to-day
  life, etc.
* You can also buy DVD sets of the episodes, books and teacher guides from the
  official Raven Tales website:

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3 ) One Hundred Free Books
- If you have a Kindle e-read for yourself or you use one in the classroom with
  your student then this website is perfect for you! This website is consistently
  compiling FREE Kindle books that you can download without breaking the bank!
  Users can search by title of by genre and easily see all of the books that they have
- Each day new books are added and some are taken off of the list so the best way
  to keep track of what is available is to subscribe so you don't miss anything that is
  coming out.
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Happy Monday everyone!

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