Monday, August 27, 2012

Resources to Start Off Your Week 32

     It is exciting to write this post and see that I have been consciously compiling these resources for 32 weeks now! I know that once I start student teaching and get more direction from my cooperating teacher I will probably be posting a lot of social studies specific resources as that is what class I will be in. In the meantime, however, here are some resources from all different subject areas.

     As always, I will be adding these to my lists of resources under the Fav Websites heading.

1 ) 50 Indispensable Edtech Tools for 2012
- Online Degrees has put together a very clear list of 50 edtech tools that they believe
  will be the perfect addition to your classroom this year! Most of these I have heard
  of or used myself but there are a few new ones that I will definitely be checking out
  as well!
- Resources are divided into categories such as "social learning", "lesson planning",
   and more.

tech resources for the classroom, incorporating technology into the classroom, the best websites to use in the classroom, edtech
2 ) Science Niblets: The Science Behind Everyday Topics
- This blog features short easy-to-understand articles about the science
   that influences our everyday lives. With an educational focus in mind this
   blog has some great ideas about how to incorporate science into your
   classroom more often and make it enjoyable for students.
- You can use their short articles as activation strategies or use them as a
   main focus for your lesson! They also have several great links for further

The science behind everyday topics, everyday science, incorporating science in the classroom, using science to teach english, using science to teach math, science activation strategies

3 ) Inside Jobs
- Inside jobs is a great student-friendly website to teach your students about
  different careers. Students can look up information such as average wage scales,
  what education they need, job demand, best schools for this career, and so
  much more!
- Students can search specific jobs, take quizzes to determine what kind of job
   might suit them or search jobs by their personality traits such as "Best jobs for
   science fans".
- This website has SO much information in one place for students and is quick
   and easy to access.

teaching students about careers, career opportunities, what job is best for me

4 ) All Sides
- I am very excited about this website that shares news stories from three
  different perspectives: the left, the center and the right. It is so interesting to read
   the different opinions on the same story!
- In Social Studies we always talk about the danger of the "hidden curriculum"
  where we may only be teaching one side of the story. This could be a great
  website to share in the classroom to discuss how different people interpret events

news stories from different perspectives, hidden curriculum, teaching different perspectives

Happy Monday everyone!

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