Friday, August 17, 2012

Fabulous Blog Award!

     I'm so happy and excited because I have been awarded a new blog award! Usually I see awards floating around on blogs but I haven't seen this one before so that makes it extra exciting :)

     I want to send out a BIG thank you to Rachel over at The End of the Bottle for passing this award onto me. Rachel is a wife, mom, and saloon manager who blogs about her family, her household and life in general. Lately she has been posting about household organization so you should definitely check it out!

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Here are the rules:
- Thank the blogger who gave it to you and share the link back to the awarding blog.
- Name five (5) fabulous moments in your life.
- Name five (5) things that you love.
- Name five (5) thinks that you hate.
- Pass the award onto five (5) deserving blogs/bloggers.

FIVE FABULOUS MOMENTS (in no particular order)
- Graduating high school early at age 16 and moving away to begin university.
- Moving in with my then boyfriend, who is now my fiance.
- Graduating from my undergraduate degree.
- Getting engaged to the love of my life!
- Finishing my first day of my student teaching placement and thinking, yes I LOVE
  what I'm doing

- Family, (mine, my fiances, our future family) this is the most important thing in 
  my life.
- Teaching!
- Anything sweet (candy, chocolate, desert... I'll eat it all)
- Planning out our future with my fiance :)
- Being outside at and around our farm.

- Being late! I get so upset and panicky. 
- A messy house.
- Migraine headaches. I get one about every week and without medication they can
  usually result in me in the hospital.
- Not being in control of a situation that directly influences me.
- Bologna (the deli meat). My fiance loves it but the smell and the texture seem awful
   to me!

Picking blogs to pass awards onto is always hard because I find all my blogs fabulous, that's why I follow them! The blogs I'm highlighting are getting this award because I have really connected to their personal story or a post(s) that they have written.
- Dandelions and Dragonflies
- Shepherd's Shining Stars
- Having Fun in the Classroom
- My Whole Brain Teaching Blog
- Southern Teacher WBT

Thank you again Rachel!


  1. your very welcome ! im the same way about being in control :) and what is up with the Thompson boys and there bologna ? its so gross.

    1. Ugh I don't know, it must be in their genes!

  2. Does Rachel really manage a saloon? Does it have swinging doors and a couple of gunslingers telling each other "this town isn't big enough for both of us"?

    1. She does!! It is a western-themed restaurant/bar and it has multiple sets of swinging doors haha