Thursday, July 19, 2012

WBT Certification Update!

     A little under a month ago I added a brand new tab to my blog titled Whole Brain Teaching Certification where I've been posting links to the blog and forum posts I've been submitting for certification.

whole brain teaching, certified whole brain teacher, WBT

     Well since then I have still been actively working towards certification and trying to write posts about some of the theories behind WBT as well as specific strategies. I am happy to announce that I am almost at a THOUSAND certification points, yay!! Unfortunately I am unable to complete the video requirement until I begin student teaching in October so it will still be a while until I am officially certified. Until that time I will still continue writing and working towards gaining enough certification points to hopefully be eligible for some of the high WBT Certification levels.

     I have really been enjoying reading through all the certification posts on the WBT forum and the various blogs that I follow. I LOVE reading how WBT is being interpreted by teachers all over the world. I really think that this process will really help me have a deeper understanding of WBT and will be an asset when I am explaining WBT during a teaching interview one day!

989CP [as of July 19]
Medallions: Posts (15), Webcast (3), Instant Bonus (6), Conference (1), Artistic Blog (1), Blog followers (139)


  1. Congratulations! Your efforts and hard work is paying off. Is there any way your followers can help you earn more points?

  2. That's ok! It can be time consuming to look through all the posts but I do hope those links help with some of your questions. Feel free to ask questions as they come up! I will try and help or at least point you in the direction of someone who can help.

    Remember that WBT is a strategy that is completely flexible and, like any teaching method, should be modified to best fit the needs of your students. It can very much be used in conjunction with things that are already working for you, it doesn't necessarily have to replace anything!