Friday, July 20, 2012

WBT Blog Bug Highlight: SUPER Super Improvers Walls

     As I make my way through all of the wonderful WBT Blogs out there I can definitely say that a major topic over the past three weeks has been the Super Improvers Wall (SIW). If you are not familiar with this behavioural management strategy, the Super Improvers Wall is a fun and long-lasting method used to increase student motivation WITHOUT pinning students against one another.

     Check out these amazing Super Improvers Wall (SIW) posts from some of my favourite WBT bloggers.

super improvers wall, SIW, super improvers wall camping theme

Melissa over at Mrs. Smith's 1st Grade Class has put together a gorgeous SIW to match her classroom's camping theme.


super improvers wall, SIW, super improvers wall hollywood theme

Ms. Julie at Southern Teacher WBT has created her SIW to compliment her classroom's Hollywood/movie classroom theme.

super improvers wall, SIW, super improvers wall

Amanda from Mrs. Amanda's Rockin' Firsties has created this great SIW after getting inspiration from other WBT bloggers!

super improvers wall, SIW, super improvers wall kit, super improvers wall freebie, super improvers wall owl theme

Liann over at My Whole Brain Teaching Blog has put together an adorable & FREE owl themed SIW Kit. Head over there to get your free copy and make sure to send your thanks for all her hard work!

Want to read more from great WBT bloggers? Check out the WBT Blogger Master List via Google Docs!

     To learn more about the Super Improvers Wall (SIW) check out the FREE e-book free, Whole Brain Teaching Model Classroom.


  1. I really like the Super Improver Wals! Thank you for the references to different types of walls.

    1. Yes these ladies have done an amazing job on their walls, I am so jealous! :)

  2. I love your blog, and I love WBT! I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Head over to my page to grab it!