Monday, June 25, 2012

Substitute Teaching in "T-Division" 4

     Last Friday I was very fortunate to be called in to substitute teach in "T-Division" again! If you missed some of my earlier posts I am working full-time with Children's disABILITY Services this summer but I asked for every Friday off so I could still have opportunities to substitute teach and network within the school divisions in our area. In our area, school is done this week so I knew that Friday would be my last time to substitute teach this year and I am really happy I was able to get one last day before school is out.

     I was actually in the same wonderfully small French Immersion School I was at during my first and second times substitute teaching in the division, only this time I was in the Kindergarten class! This means that I have now substitute taught every single grade in this school, yay! I am in the high school stream in my Bachelor of Education but I don't mind being in elementary one bit, they are so cute! I was only called in for a half day term as the teacher only needed someone to cover the afternoon while she attended a meeting but anytime in the classroom is time well spent in my opinion.

Unfortunately I can't really update you on what I liked about her classroom the way I did during some of my other substitute teaching posts because, being the end of the year, everything was in various stages of packing and looked pretty bare. Oh well, I spent the afternoon finishing up a unit on paper with the Kindergarten class of six students, yes only SIX! We read two of Eric Carle's books, which are some of my favourite children's books, and discussed the unique illustrations that are present in all of his books.

*Update: Ana over at Teaching Blog Addict reminded me that today is Eric Carle's birthday so this post is perfect timing to celebrate that!

We then went through and organized the classroom's gigantic bucket of construction paper by colour and started a wonderful project, recreating pictures of animals using ripped pieces of scrap paper. This was a great project to tie into the unit the teacher had been working on, allowed the students to practice their fine motor skills, and we practiced colours, numbers and animals names in French as we worked. Ok, for the French part the students actually were teaching me as I didn't know all of the words but teaching someone else is a great way to review and test your knowledge right!?


I couldn't actually take photos of the student's work but in the end, the pictures looked similar to this: 

I really enjoyed substitute teaching one last time before school was finished and truly want to thank "T-Division" and their staff for all the support they provided me with this spring!

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