Monday, June 25, 2012

Resources to Start Off Your Week 23

     This week I found two awesome resources to start off your week! One is the perfect one-stop-shop for adding new ideas into your classroom and the other is a great new way to use Google! As always, I will be adding these to my ever-growing list of ed resources under my Fav Websites page.

1 ) Teacher Tipster
- Organized by Dustin Smith, Teacher Tipster is a jackpot of helpful tips for
   teachers including lesson plans, classroom management strategies, classroom
   organization, printables and videos.
- The Teacher Tipster YouTube channel, click the videos tab on the website, has
   almost 100 videos of great ideas to implement in our classrooms!

great resources for teachers, tips and tricks for teachers

2 ) What Do You Love? by Google
- How many times have you had your students do a research project only to
  have them type their key words into Google and copy from Wikipedia because
  it is almost always the first link to be listed?
- With Google's new application, What Do You Love, users can type in their key
  terms and rather than getting a list of websites they get a visual idea board of
  information from over 20 of Google's systems including books, videos, images,
  scholarly articles, translation information, popularity trends, and mapping
- This website is perfect for beginning research projects, getting information from
  multiple types of sources and encourages students to look at different types of
  information rather than reading a Wikipedia article.
- I've had this website freeze on me a few times after I've pressed the search
   button but maybe that is just my computer.

what do you love, google search, using search engines in the classroom, how to get our students to research more effectively
My screen capture for my search on Whole Brain Teaching.

Happy Monday everyone!

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