Thursday, May 03, 2012

Getting a Teaching Job

     As I finish up my student teaching placement I am already excited about the fact that next year at this time I will be applying and interviewing for teaching positions! I have many close friends who are completing their programs this year and some of them are making their way through the interview process as I type this post. With that in mind, I have been compiling different websites, articles and books that can be helpful when preparing for a teaching interview!
     I will add this list to my Favourite Websites page.

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The Best Advice for New Teachers (Article)
- Larry Ferlazzo is an AMAZING edublogger that has multiple lists of resources
   that I recommend you check out. He's put together a great list of websites that
   offer advice for new teachers and people preparing to be teachers. 

The Rookie Teacher (Website)
- This website has a variety of great blog posts about everything to do with
   being a "Rookie Teacher" including subject specific information,
   curriculum, professional development and interviews.

The Hired Teacher (Website)*
- I found this website very useful and it had many examples of
  interview questions provided by new teachers who had just gone through
  the interview process.
* Unfortunately, this link now says that this website domain is now pending
   renewal. I am still included it as part of this list in hopes that they renew
   because it had some very good resources.

What Do Principal's Look For When They Hire (Article)
- Peter Jory has written a great article on his blog, "I Have an Opinion About
  Learning". Being a principal himself, I value Mr. Jory's opinion and think he
  provides some great insight on what administration looks for during the hiring

How to Find Your Dream Teaching Job (Article)


Apply to Education (Database)
- Apply to Education is an online database that school divisions and private
  companies use to post teaching positions. I check this website weekly to see
  what sorts of jobs our area has available.
- You can search through jobs from any area without having to become a
  member of the website!

Interview Questions (PDF)
- Although not teaching-specific I'm including a list of interview questions
  from my university's Career Planning & Placement Office. Most of them are
  very general so they could be a good starting base for any interview.

EduEdge (Website)
- EduEdge is an entire website devoted to preparing future teachers for the
  interview and hiring process. They have several great articles, blog posts,
  workshops and resources all designed to help you get a job.
- I've selected a few of the best articles and added them to this list.

Advice to New Graduates About to Enter the Teaching Profession (Article)
- David Andrade has put together some great points on his blog,
  "Educational Technology Guy". He touches on everything from
   staying organized, to asking for help to copyright concerns.
- At the end of the article he also includes some more great resources for
  new teachers.

First Day of School by Harry Wong (Book)
- During my first student teaching placement by principal at "S-School"
  lent me this book stating that, "It was a fantastic resource to use
  throughout your teaching career". Since then I have also seen it
  praised in many of the edublogs I follow. I definitely recommend it
  to any teacher, new or experienced.

Student Teacher, Temporary Teacher or Substitute Teacher? What to do if a Teaching Job is Rumoured to be Available at Your School (Article)
- This article by EduEdge (also on this list) offers some great advice on
  how to get your foot in the door and start building yourself a teaching career.

Top Strategies for Selecting References for a Teaching Interview (Article)
- This article by EduEdge (also on this list) offers some pointers on how to
  pick appropriate references for your teaching application. Who should be
  a reference? Do you pick different references depending on the school?

131 Tips for New Teachers (Presentation)
- Richard Byrne included a free slide presentation on his blog, "Free
  Technology for Teachers" that highlights 131 tips for new teachers.

Best of luck to all the new teachers out there who are preparing for their job interviews!
Have a good resource to add to this list? Let me know!


  1. What a great list of sites and information. I will definitely send this to my own student teacher!

    1. Thank you! I hope he/she finds it as helpful as I did :)