Monday, April 23, 2012

Off the Map and Back Again!

     After a few days of ignoring my email, blog, twitter, facebook.... well just the computer in general, I am now back! I found that with student teaching, working two jobs and going to the gym I was really letting myself get burnt out; I needed a few days of catch-up time. So after a few days of meetings, laundry, catching up with friends and A LOT of sleep I am back and ready to go!

     Student teaching is going by so quickly it seems. I will be finished up on May 4th even though it seems like I just started last week! Today we are finishing up our science electrical circuit experiments and I am so excited! The kids LOVE them because they are hands-on, interactive, challenging, and they get to work in groups (which our class always wants). Now that I am back on track I hope to be updating you a few times a week as my student teaching placement wraps up.

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