Wednesday, April 25, 2012

1st Reaction to Whole Brain Teaching

     I had to share this story with you because it just made me laugh. Every few days our students have art class with the other 5/6 split teacher while my teacher and myself teach the other class gym. While a few days ago the 5/6 split teacher had to leave early to attend an appointment so she asked me to supervise our class during art for the last 10 minutes of the day (they were just finishing up an assignment so there was no work involved). The last class of the day, however, is always pretty chaotic for our class and we tend to be all over the place. Well with 3 minutes left in the class our E.A (educational assistant) who is with them during art began attempting to get the students organized for the end of the day: where to put the art supplies, what is for homework, what to clean up, etc. After a few unsuccessful tries, however, I quickly yelled out, "Class" to which the entire class responded, "YES!" and went dead quiet.

whole brain teaching, class yes, getting student attention
Now that is our normal routine when I am with them but to see the expression on the E.A's face was priceless! I am not quite sure if she was impressed or just shocked but it definitely made me giggle to see how surprised she was. I was later approached in the staffroom by another teacher who wanted to know what I do to get our student's attention so quickly!


  1. thats great, sounds like the class really connects with you. good for you :)

  2. I just recently saw some videos on youtube for whole brain learning and fell in love with it. I'm hoping to watch lots of videos (and now read your blog) to be ready to begin with it next school year.

    I'm your newest follower! Glad I found you! :-)


    2nd Grade Pad

  3. Isn't it great when the kids are in a routine? Love this!

  4. I have used "class" too, up and over, then lower you voice?I am sure you taught the stdents that and they learned it well. Carolyn

    1. Thanks Carolyn. Yes I usually say, "Class" a bit louder than my regular speaking voice and then lower my voice so they really have to lean in and listen carefully.

  5. That is so awesome Miss L, two weeks to go before I embark on my prac teaching here in Australia, I can't wait to use the WBT method. I love reading your blog its very inspirational to another student teacher so THANK YOU!!!! I also have a question, is this your final year for your teaching degree? How long is your practicum (practice teaching)?
    Looking forward to reading more.

    1. Thank you so much Kylie! I love connecting with other student teachers who are along the same path as myself. I can't wait for you to start and update us on your progress! Our program requires you to have an undergraduate degree (3 or 4 year math, science, phys-ed, etc degree) prior to applying into the education program. Once we are admitted, it is a two year program where we are specialized by early years (K-Grade 4), middle years (Grade 5-8)or senior years (Grade 9-12). I am in my first year of the senior years program. I graduated with an arts degree with a major in history and a double minor in geography and geology prior to applying into education. We have two student teaching placements a year:

      1st year: 5 weeks in the fall and 8 weeks in the spring
      2nd year: 7 weeks in the fall (2 at the first week of September to practice setting up a classroom at the start of term) and 8 weeks in the spring.

      How is your program set up?

    2. Hi Miss L,

      Our program also requires us to have an undergrad degree in something first, I have a BA with a Major in Theatre and Communication studies. The program is a Bachelor (PostGrad) of Teaching in Primary (K-6) as high school in Australia starts in Grade 7 or 8 depending on which state you are in. The course is a 3-4 year degree and we have three student teaching placements over the whole course.

      1st year: 10 days placement
      2nd & 3rd year: 5 weeks placement

      This will differ depending on what University you attend, I am doing mine via Distance ED. which is exactly as it sounds, I don't have any face-to-face with my lecturers or professors it is done all from the comfort of my home in front of the computer!! I've chosen to do it this way as I have two small children and it fits in with our family life.

      I am about to embark on my 2nd student teaching placement and yes I will keep you posted on how it goes. Thank you again, I just love reading your Blog and am very interested in how you guys do things in the states.

      :-) Kylie

  6. A smile worthy post :) I'm following your blog now. Would love if you could stop by and check mine out too. Debs :)

  7. Whole Brain Teaching is a bunch of mind control crap. I can get my students' attention quickly WITHOUT making them look like robotic idiots. Give me a break.

  8. There are many strategies, methods and techniques used by teachers and the wonderful thing about technology is that we can now easily share our ideas with other teachers around the world! I am happy to hear that you have found the method that best works for you and your students. Best wishes