Friday, October 04, 2019

Media Literacy Week 2019

     As we progress into October it means that educators can begin prepping for Media Literary Week!  This event is running from October 7-11 this year and, if you're new to this awareness campaign, Media Smarts describes it as,

"Media Literacy Week is an annual national campaign hosted by MediaSmarts and the Canadian Teachers Federation to promote digital and media literacy, with activities and events taking place in classrooms, libraries, museums and community groups from coast to coast to coast. 
Whether you’re a community organizer, educator or simply an engaged online citizen, join us from October 7-11, 2019 to Break the Fake and remind Canadians to check before sharing news and info online." 

     This year's theme is entitled Break The Fake and strives to remind us that, "in today's digital world, critical thinking is more important than ever".  Perhaps my favourite part of this entire campaign is that they emphasize this theme with the use of the infamous and adorable Canadian House Hippo!

Visit the Media Smarts website to access all of the amazing resources they've curated for educators. A sneak peek of their curated materials is available below: 

Take part in Media Literacy Week (October 7-11) and use our educational materials: 
  • Break the Fake workshop 
  • Break the Fake lesson plans 
  • Break the Fake poster 
  • House hippo poster 
  • Break the Fake fact-checking tip sheets 

  • The following resources are also available for use with your students:

  • MediaSmarts has compiled the six key concepts of media literacy, created easy-to-understand videos to introduce these concepts to your students, and developed lesson plans to extend your students' learning! 

    A selection of 13 videos from the Crash Course YouTube Channel. 

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Microsoft Series Part 1 - Microsoft Educator Community

     In 2017 I began my journey with Microsoft Edu professional development when TRSD rolled out their transition to Office 365.  Being a Google-girl up to this point (I even hold my Google Educator Level 1 Certificate) my journey was initially touch-and-go.  As I've familiarized myself with their platform I have become increasingly impressed with their initiatives and have completed the Microsoft Innovative Educator Training Academy and am working on completing my training hours this year.

     As we progress through the school year I'd like to facilitate a Microsoft Series that discusses aspects of their Office 365 suite, where to find professional development, accessibility tools, and how these tools can be used in the classroom.  Each component of this series will link to FREE professional development opportunities available through the Microsoft Educator community so, without further adieu, lets get this series started!

What is the Microsoft Educator Community??
This FREE online community platform in which educators can participate in Microsoft-based professional development, connect with other educators, access virtual field trips, book Skype sessions (guest speakers, Mystery Skype, etc), and more!